Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Surrogate with frozen embryos: another try

Well, unfortunately, our first try with surrogacy was not successful.

We've decided that we would keep pursuing the surrogacy option. While the doctors quote success rates as high as 50% (which is probably optimistic), we were in the other 50% this time.

We've been going back and forth with both Rotunda and Kaival (Akanksha), trying to decide what we want to do next. After talking to both, the choice was pretty easy.

Dr. Patel at Akanksha said she doesn't have any openings until February. So between now and then, we'll be focusing on options with Rotunda.

We've been emailing back and forth with Rotunda. As usual, it still seems to take about two emails sent for every 1 response. So it pays to be persistent and keep following up.

Some good news. Rotunda did recently come back and say they'd found a potential surrogate. We'll use the frozen eggs from our last cycle, which also means we don't have to go through the chemicals of an IVF cycle gain, athough odds of a successful pregnancy are somewhat lower. So, we've reviewed, signed and mailed the legal documents, wired the funds, and are crossing our fingers that maybe, this time, we'll have a bit more luck.

It was fun watching parents teaching their kids to swim over at the pool earlier today. Hopefully we'll be doing the same soon.

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